This is a final analysis of my semester’s research on the school to prison pipeline.      The school to prison pipeline is the institutionalized pathway that students of color take from the classroom to the prison cell. Students from African American and Latino ethnicities, as well as disabled students, are fed into this pipeline […]

  Video Sources: Life Inside Detroit Public Schools by AFTHQ What Does ‘High-Quality’ Preschool Look Like? by NPR Police Flashing Lights – Royalty Free Footage by footageisland Guidance Counselor by GOPUBLIC School Counselor–Andrea Rose by PCC Videos #SaveOurKids

Summary “The School to Prison Pipeline: Structuring Legal Reform” approaches the school to prison pipeline from a legal policy reform perspective. The introduction clearly states that the problem does not lie due to the students, but due to the failure of the institutions that care for the students to protect them. Thorough research supports the fact that […]

Summary   In May 2015, AJ+ posted a series of YouTube videos on the School to Prison Pipeline. I decided to shift the focus of my research to how mass incarceration is affecting students of color who are still in the process of receiving their high school and college educations. The school to prison pipeline […]

Summary On October 7, 2016 the 13th documentary was made live to the public via Netflix. The film was directed by Ava DuVernay and it explores the issues of race inequality in the United States prison systems. More specifically, the documentary focuses on the history and statistics surrounding African American men being disproportionally represented in prisons. It […]