Summary On September 14, 2012, Diana Millner posted to the Huffington Post blog, “Dismantling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline.” The article is an analysis of the Children’s Defense Fund’s theory that black youth are put on a path to prison from the time that they are conceived. Black babies are often born without receiving any […]

    Research The photo that I chose to manipulate was taken in July 2016 during the Baton Rouge, LA protests that resulted in response to the police killing of Alton Sterling. The photographer is Max Becherer from the Associated Press. The original man being arrested in the photo is the Black Lives Matter activist, […]

The Source The Sentencing Project is an organization dedicated to advocating for a fair U.S. criminal justice system. This organization was founded in 1986 and since then, the Sentencing Project has pushed for reform in the areas of sentencing policy, racial profiling, and incarceration practices. I found this source to be reliable due to their […]

On January 24, 2017, Michael A. Memoli published to the Los Angeles Times website “Trump’s unproven claims of widespread voter fraud trip up White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.” The article is on the Trump’s administration’s claims on voter fraud. The article focuses on Sean Spicer and his inability to defend the administration’s belief that […]

After spending a full day without any of my technology, I learned how much we really depend on our phones and laptops for everything.